The Story behind the Sparkle

Louise Sumner, better known as Mrs Sparkles is the founder of our ‘blingalicious’ company.

With her passion for all things that sparkle and having always loved interesting bits of bling and clothing items, Louise has often been referred to as a Magpie by her best friend.

From a young age she was inspired to spend hours designing and creating her own clothing and fashion accessories. It was this keen interest that led to the creation of Mrs Sparkles in 2010.

Happiest when she is creating and blinging out new items in her workroom, using crystals to embellish jewellery, clothing and even pointed shoes to mention a few, is the perfect way to bring a sparkle to this Magpie’s eye.

Known for her catch phrase: “You Bring, I Bling”, Mrs Sparkles can make all your shimmery desires come to life. Not only does she provide ‘blingalicious’ things, she can also personalise clothing with your choice of logo, words or name in crystals.

Mrs Sparkles loves participating and showing off her goodies at community fairs and dance eisteddfods, she is also available for school fetes and even kiddies birthday parties (5+), which is one of her most enjoyable activities that she holds close to her heart. This gives your little ones the opportunity to create fun bracelets and necklaces using our shiniest Swarovski elements.

Having enthusiastically immersed herself in growing and expanding her business, Mrs Sparkles has had the opportunity to develop her company in a variety of shiny new ventures. Introducing her sister company Sparkle Fashionista in 2016, which showcases her skills from pageant judging in both Australia and the USA.

No matter the occasion Mrs Sparkles provides, so let us bring some bling to your day!