Do you use and sell genuine Swarovski crystals?

Yes, I am a Swarovski Branding Partner identified by the Swarovski Elements swing tag.

Will the crystals come off when I wash my items?

No, not if you follow my washing instructions on the labels and the leaflet I provide. As long as you do not wash in hot water, or put in the tumble dryer, or iron directly over the crystals, your crystals will not come off or come loose.

How much do you charge for the children’s bracelet making party?

$20 per child

What does this cost include?

Mrs Sparkles or one of her representatives comes to your venue and supplies the Swarovski crystals, pearls, and beads and all the associated items and tools for making the bracelets.

How do the children know how to make the bracelet?

The bracelet making party is conducted in a classroom type lesson. The children choose the crystals, pearls and beads in the colours they would like to make their bracelet and they are taught how to make their stretch bracelet.